Let us pamper you at the GRAND HOTEL terrace or in the hotel restaurant. We are happy to spoil you with lunch and in the afternoon we offer you homemade cakes and tarts as well as ice cream variations in the garden and in the restaurant Kaisersaal. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.


Leaf salads with sweet pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes with herbal dressing
€ 5,40

Marinated buffalo mozzarella with asparagus, strawberries and apple dressing
€ 8,50

Pickled tartare of salmon trout with kohlrabi, sugar snaps,
asparagus and sweet potatoes
€ 11,90

Carpaccio roulade of beef with herb mushrooms, radishes and pickled tomatoes
€ 12,90

Baked ravioli filled with spinach served with roasted vegetables and lettuce
€ 9,80

Herbal risotto with asparagus and roasted prawns    
€ 9,80



Beef broth with semolina dumpling and vegetable cubes
€ 5,00

Cream soup of white asparagus with potatoes and braised salmon trout
€ 6,00

Main courses

Linguine with pesto or tomato ragout
€ 9,50

Local salad dish with lettuce, roasted potatoes, bacon stripes,
tomatoes, local mountain cheese and fried egg
€ 15,90

Club sandwich with roasted breast of chicken, tomatoes,
fried egg, romaine lettuce, cocktail sauce and bacon
€ 17,50

Asparagus with potatoes and orange-olive oil fond
€ 18,00

Wok with roasted vegetables, nuts, Basmati rice
and roasted stripes of corn-fed chicken breast
€ 21,50

Escalope of veal “Vienna style” with cranberries
and parsley potatoes served with green salad
€ 23,50

Roasted veal paillard with rocket and Parmesan on vegetable
risotto and shallot sauce
€ 24,00

Two kinds of asparagus with potatoes, sweet pepper sauce
and roasted prawns
€ 24,50

Fried beef and onions in gravy of organic-sirloin with roasted potatoes
and mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
€ 24,50

Roasted fillet of organic beef with celery puree, glazed
vegetables and pesto
€ 33,00


Sliced sugared pancakes with cream cut into pieces with rhubarb and
raspberry ragout served with vanilla ice cream
€ 8,90

Dumpling of dark chocolate mousse with marinated berries and strudel dough leaf       
€ 9,80

Strawberries with warm orange elderflower sabayon and pistachio ice cream
€ 9,80

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