Cellmen: Facial professional treatment

Invigorating and revitalizing facial treatment, starting with deep cleansing and clarification of the skin. The following enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation refines the complexion and improves cutaneous respiration. The relaxing compresses remove the scrub from the facial skin. The soothing activator gel is applied to the skin and promotes micro-circulation.

To fully relax a lip and face mask is applied. Specially designed for men’s skin, the Vitacell ampoule with actively stabilized, biointegral cells is trickled on the skin. The following mask nourishes the cells and rejuvenates the complexion. Finally, Cellmen Cellular Cream is applied to the skin. Its action contributes to cell renewal, smoothing, and moisture stabilization.

Price per person & duration

90 minutes of pampering
€ 130,-