Holiday with your four-legged friend at the Grand Hotel

At the dog-friendly GRAND HOTEL ZELL AM SEE, we understand that your four-legged friend is part of your family and your adventures. That's why we want to make sure that your faithful companion is not missing on holiday. In the Zell am See-Kaprun region, you can expect numerous opportunities for a relaxing and at the same time eventful holiday with your dog, where you can explore and enjoy many places of power together. Below you will find all the relevant information and tips: from dog zones & free-running areas, dog waste disposal stations, dog-sitting service, specialist shops and excursion destinations.

Our dog welcome package

  • Welcome treat
  • Food and water bowl 
  • Cosy dog blanket
  • Stylish dog bed

You are also welcome to take your four-legged friend with you for breakfast and dinner in our Jägerstüberl. We charge a total of € 25.00 per pet / night.

Dog zones & off-leash areas

It is important to emphasise that in the entire municipal areas of Zell am See & Kaprun, dogs must be muzzled or kept on a lead in public areas. Only assistance dogs are exempt from this. Fortunately, there are designated dog zones and off-leash areas where dogs can let off steam without having to be muzzled or kept on a lead. There is such a zone, for example, at the Erlberg bathing area or in the area of the Klammsee in Kaprun.

It should also be emphasised that your loved one can swim at all beach sections along Lake Zell - with the exception of the public lidos.

Dog bags and waste disposal stations

Consideration for the environment

Please remember to always have a dog waste bag with you. You will find practical waste disposal stations throughout the area and especially near the dog zones, which help to dispose of dog poo properly. This is not only important for reasons of hygiene and out of consideration for other hikers, walkers and cyclists, but above all because dog faeces can cause damage to sensitive natural ecosystems. So please always remember to be suitably equipped when you go out exploring with your four-legged friend!

Golf fun on four paws

You can also bring your four-legged friend to the Zell am See-Kaprun Golf Club. Dogs are allowed on the Kitzsteinhorn and Schmittenhöhe courses. Understandably, certain rules also apply on-site, which not only ensure safety but also health. In addition to the obligation to keep your dog on a lead without exception, please take into account the sun and shade situation on the golf course and make sure there are enough shady spots - for you and your pet.

Please register your animal companion at the golf course reservation desk.

The most beautiful excursion destinations for you & your dog

Schmittenhöhe cable cars

Bello & co. are welcome to join you on a hiking tour on the family and panorama mountain Schmittenhöhe. However, please consider that your dog must wear a muzzle, be leashed, and needs a ticket for the mountain railway. Muzzles can be rented at the lower terminus. Dogs must remain leashed throughout the hike for safety and environmental reasons.

Kitzsteinhorn cable cars

As with the Schmittenhöhe mountain railway, dogs also need their own ticket for the ascent with the Kitzsteinhorn cable cars to the glacier area or the Maiskogel. Dogs must be muzzled and leashed in gondolas, though leashing is advised but not mandatory on the mountain. While dogs are welcome in mountain restaurants and 'Gipfelwelt', they are not allowed on ski slopes.

Sigmund Thun gorge

An absolute favourite destination for dog owners! In addition to well-equipped dog parks, there is also a dog park near the lake that allows four-legged friends to roam freely and unrestricted. However, dogs must be kept on a lead in all areas outside these special zones.

Krimml waterfalls & water worlds

The Krimml waterfalls offer a unique natural experience where you can marvel at the impressive spectacle of thundering masses of water. A refreshing cool-down awaits you, revitalising the senses. The surrounding water worlds enhance this natural wonder. However, out of consideration for nature and other guests, please keep your dog on a lead.

Look after grazing animals together

We would like to point out that you can pass many grazing animals in the region on your excursions to the mountains and mountain pastures. It is important to observe a few necessary rules so as not to frighten the grazing animals.

  • Keep well clear of suckler cow herds!
  • Do not touch their young under any circumstances!
  • Always keep your dog on lead!
  • In an emergency, however, let the dog run, so that it can bring itself to safety!
  • You should remain calm, retreat very slowly and calmly and above all: do not run away!

In case of emergency

Kleintierzentrum Bruck 


Address: Sportplatzstraße 1b

5671 Bruck an der Glocknerstraße 

Telephone number: +43 6545 6850

Dog-sitting service

If you are planning a wellness day or an excursion where your four-legged friend can't be with you, there is a reliable dog-sitting service in the region that will lovingly look after your dog.

Antje Arnzig

Beate Specht

On-site dog care

Pick-up and delivery service

5700 Zell am See, Schüttdorf

5660 Taxenbach, Bundesstraße 11

+43 670 703 6339

+43 664 52 73 858

Speciality shops for dog supplies

In case your dog has forgotten his toys at home or you generally need something for your holiday together, such as dog food, your lead, dog bags or his favourite treats, there are two specialist dog shops in the area where you can stock up on all sorts of things.


Dogstyler Saalfelden

Gletschermoosstraße 33Zeller Bundesstraße 17
5700 Zell am See5760 Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer

To summarise, what awaits you at the Grand Hotel

  • Breakfast & dinner together with your four-legged darling
  • Welcome treat
  • Food and water bowl
  • Stylish dog bed
  • Cosy dog blanket
  • Pure nature around Lake Zell and the hotel
  • Exciting excursion destinations in the region
  • Cost: € 25.00 per pet / night

Important information for your stay with your dog

Safety and hygiene regulations

  • For safety reasons, please do not leave your dog unattended anywhere in the hotel complex.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead in the indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel complex.
  • Please understand that your dog is not allowed in the restaurant or wellness area (including the GRANDSPA & Classic Spa) for reasons of hygiene. Neither are they allowed on the sunbathing lawn at the hotel's own beach.
  • If your dog needs to be walked, then you have the beautiful and unspoilt shores of Lake Zell, where you can take long walks, right on your doorstep. Please dispose of your dog's droppings using the "dog waste bag" and the waste bins provided in the outdoor area.
  • If you plan to go out without your dog, we kindly ask you to keep the time you are away as short as possible so that other guests are not disturbed by any barking. You are welcome to make use of the dog-sitting service in the region.
  • Any damage and/or heavy soiling caused by your dog in the room or garden must be reimbursed by the dog owner.
  • It is important to note that in the entire municipal areas of Zell am See and Kaprun a muzzle or leash obligation applies in public areas; only assistance dogs are exempt from this.