Grand gourmet half board Delicacies

Enjoy fine, regional delicacies alongside breathtaking views of the majestic mountain peaks. We attach particular importance to first-class products from the local region.

Regional freshness & tradition

With our Grand gourmet half board arrangement we offer you daily 3 different menus (or a buffet) for dinner, which amount to 12 dishes from 3 divers food styles.
The first choice is our Classic GRAND HOTEL kitchen and the regional Austrian cuisine.  Our chef, Mr. Bernd Bereuter and his team will spoil you the usual way with traditional dishes and specialities of the region.
Our Restaurant Manager Mr. Martin de la Paz and his team are happy to welcome you in our restaurants.

Here is a small selection of our Classic GRAND HOTEL kitchen

  • Aspic of asparagus with pickled mozzarella and bacon on wild garlic vinaigrette
  • Beef broth with smoked meat dumpling
  • Salad from the buffet
  • Variation of herbal pork with dark beer sauce
    served on beans with bacon and dumpling tranche
  • Sliced cream pancake with stewed berries and iced vanilla sauce

Health Cuisine from the GRAND HOTEL ZELL AM SEE

From the GRAND HOTEL kitchen

Our Health Cuisine

We offer you our Health Cuisine from the GRAND HOTEL ZELL AM SEE. With this speciality we will take you to another level of food. If you want to say goodbye to too much meat, sugar, salt and all kinds of fat, then we recommend you try the new HEALTH  CUISINE.

Below is what you can expect.

  • It is easier to digest, simpler and has fewer calories, i.e.: no heavy cream sauces and soups are served.
  • The base product will provide the taste, meaning fish is fish, meat is meat, without any sauces.
  • Meat is used sparingly, as a speciality and vegetables are not just used as a side dish, without the exorbitant consumption of meat (especially red meat) creating a fantastic dish
  • Only vegetable oils and fats are used, for example, replacing butter or cream with olive oil. We will also not use frying as a method of preparation.
  • Sugar will be used as herbal essence condiment and not as a dessert, therefore we will offer other dishes as desserts.   
  • As far as it is possible, we will use regional and seasonal organic products and ingredients, according to what the market has to offer on vegetables and fruits (no strawberries in the winter).

…if you like this kind of food preparation and consideration to the nature, then you should try our HEALTH CUISINE.

Your small selection from our HEALTH CUISINE

  • Pickled tuna with octopus salad and balsamic vinegar vegetables

  • Pureed tomato soup with chilli and prawns

  • Salad from the buffet

  • Filet of sea bass with herbal artichokes

  • served on roasted chickpea and sweet pepper with basil fond

  • Raw marinated pineapple with pomegranate and raspberries
    served with mango sorbet

Or do you prefer the vegetarian kitchen?

With the vegetarian Dinner we try to offer another way of eating to all people, who do not like meat and fish or to anybody who wishes to try it.

Small selection of our vegetarian cuisine

  • Sweet peppers filled with quinoa and vegetables served with a romaine lettuce sauce
  • Clear asparagus pea soup with parsley  
  • Salad from the buffet  
  • Vegetables cooked in tempura batter with a cold cucumber-sour cream sauce and sesame potatoes
  • Österkron cheese served with tomato chutney

Afternoon snack

In the afternoon (3.00 pm to 4.00 pm) we spoil you with small delicacies in our bar.

  • Hot or cold dish of the day
  • Dessert

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Johann W. von Goethe

Prices for half-board

If you have booked bed and breakfast, you can still book half-board prior to your arrival and also during your stay. The price for half-board is EUR 35,00 per person/night . (Drinks are not included).