GRANDSPA Feel good

Our spa is located in glorious surroundings on the 4th, 5th floors of the Hotel's wellness wing. Surrounded by Lake Zell and the local mountains, you draw new energy and vitality for inner balance and equilibrium.

Relax and unwind

At the GRANDSPA you will find selected wellness treatments from around the world: from ancient pampering rituals to the perfect medically-based anti-aging programme and modern health and body programmes.

Relax in our tastefully furnished wellness & sauna world with a Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, tepidarium, brine steam room, Turkish steam bath, infrared cabin, large relaxation rooms, and a terrace with wonderful lake views.

Our spa is open seven days a week, from 9am - 7.30 pm with its qualified team. Come by at your convenience for a consultation and enjoy dreamlike moments and views!


Our GRANDSPA Tips for the week


Ägyptos regeneration or Anti-Aging whole body wrap 45 min & Facial express
treatment for free
45 min.                                                     instead of EUR 105,00 only EUR 55,00


Manicure & free varnish
                                                                instead of EUR 54,00 only EUR 45,00


Backfit – moor package & back massage
50 min.                                                       instead of EUR 55,00 only EUR 50,00


Full body aroma peeling & full body aroma package
50min.                                                       instead of EUR 75,00 only EUR 55,00


Cellcosmet Anti Stress facial treatment
50 min.                                                     instead of EUR 100,00 only EUR 85,00


St Barth Coconut dream – full body peeling & full body massage
80 min.                                                       instead of EUR 95,00 only EUR 80,00


OPI Gel Polish & free manicure
50 min.                                                    instead of EUR 100,00 only EUR 55,00


Spa Boutique

Small gifts maintain friendship

Whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones, you’re guaranteed to find the right gift at our GRANDSPA Boutique. We have exclusive products from Cellcosmet & Cellmen, Ligne St Barth and Ägyptos. We are happy to issue gift vouchers for you.


Dive into a world of relaxation

Whether it’s traditional massages, an anti-aging programme or modern health and body programmes: at the GRANDSPA you will find selected wellness treatments from around the world. Our GRANSDPA team is available to book appointments for you and offer qualified advice.

Our treatment suggestions - book in advance and save 10%

Signature Treatment Mountain Dreams

Experience a full body mountain salt scrub with the magnificent oil composition, Montagna, that clears your skin of old skin cells and makes it pleasantly supple. Afterwards, enjoy a gentle full body massage with wonderful Swiss stone pine oil, ending with a relaxing foot massage. Then take a rest with a delicious cup of herbal tea and a Swiss stone pine pillow on the warm sun lounger reserved for you in our tepidarium and enjoy the fantastic view of lake Zell and the surrounding mountains.

Swiss Stone Pine

“Queen of the Alps” – the Swiss stone pine rightly deserves this title. Found at altitudes of up to 2,800 meters, it leaves all other trees far behind, exudes vitality even at minus 40° Celsius and under extreme climatic conditions and live up to 1000 years.
Its resistance, serenity, and strength have been impressing for thousands of years.
The magic power that emanates from the Swiss stone pine was already felt by our ancestors. They built rooms, bedrooms, cradles, and armoires from the valuable wood.
What was mere intuition at the time is now scientifically proven. Pine is soothing but also mentally stimulating, promotes concentration, restful sleep, and improves physical and mental resilience. But it is also its mild, well rounded, warm scent that makes the Swiss stone pine so attractive. And as such, the “Queen of the Alps” is very versatile.

75 minutes of pampering EUR 95.-

Book in advance and receive 10% discount

St Barth Relax Facial Treatment

Experience a Caribbean pampering treatment with the natural cosmetics of Ligne St Barth. We clean your skin with frangipani flower milk and melon toner. Afterwards you enjoy a papaya scrub and a pleasant papaya mask. The nourishing mango cream completes the treatment and the well-being experience.

45 minutes of pampering EUR 65,-

Book in advance and receive 10% discount

The sauna world in the GRANDSPA wellness area

Finnish Panorama Sauna

Temperature: 85-90°C

Recommended bathing time: 8-15min

Cardiovascular training at low humidity is a special experience. Sauna steam sessions using natural aromas enhance the positive effect. In the meantime you can marvel at the gorgeous views of the lake and the mountain scenery.

Brine Steam Room

Temperature: 43-45°C
Recommended bathing time: approx. 12min

Finely ground sea salts cleanse and soothe the respiratory tract, gently stimulating purification and detoxification.

Herbal Sauna

Temperature: 54-60°C
Recommended bathing time: approx. 15min

The mild herbal steam session makes a wonderfully relaxing aroma.
This circulation-friendly sauna is a true delight for both your body and soul.

Infrared Cabin - Physiotherm

Temperature: 40°C

Recommended bathing time: 2 x 15min

Very gentle warmth. Strengthens the immune system, has a relaxing effect and is very good for muscles and joints. Ideal before a massage. Please take a lukewarm shower afterwards.

Turkish Steam Bath

Temperature: 46 - 48°C

Recommended bathing time: approx. 12min

The pleasantly warm vapour gently opens the skin’s pores, producing a mild sweating experience. A treat for the respiratory tract!
Vapourised aroma oils and coloured light will put you in a good mood, calm you down and relieve stress.

Spa Lounge

Above the roofs of Zell am See

Experience the extraordinary atmosphere of our extensive Spa Lounge which offers beautiful views of the Zell am See lake and a feeling of space and freedom. Our GRANDSPA reception staff will be glad to give you advice and establish an individual treatment plan to meet your wishes.

Opening hours: daily from 9am to 7.30pm.
You can also give us a call at +43 (0) 6542 788 300

Terrace with relaxation chairs

During summer you are welcome to use our terrace located on the 5th floor of the wellness wing. Enjoy panoramic views of Lake Zell.


Quiet room with ergonomically shaped heated chairs. Mild warmth for those seeking relaxation. Dream away and recharge your batteries.

Relaxation room

Indulge in the quietness and enjoy the views of the lake while lying on comfortable chairs.

Our Product Brands

St Barth

Selected natural ingredients, the highest quality standards and the knowledge of the Caribbean Arawak tribe make the St Barth products another highlight in the world of international cosmetics.

Cellcosmet & Cellmen

The secret of eternal youthful radiance! Cellcosmet and Cellmen are the first cosmetics to apply the cellular therapy principle with the highly effective active biointegral cells to the skin. This new generation of skin care products protect and moisturise the skin with special active ingredients, and actively promote cell regeneration.


The healing powers of the Dead Sea have been used since ancient times. Even Cleopatra enjoyed the pleasures of a mixture made from Egyptian healing earth and Dead Sea salt. The highly effective ingredients are used, for example, in the ancient cellulite treatment.